Against the Wind Breast Cancer Survivor Team

Against the Wind is Philadelphia Flying Phoenix's breast cancer survivor (BCS) team. We are the first BCS dragon boat crew on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. Founded in 2001, we are strong survivors ranging in age from 30 to 70+. We are lawyers, nurses, teachers, occupational therapists, doctors, coaches, moms and grandmothers. We have in common the journey that is breast cancer and a passion for the sport of dragon boating.

Against the Wind Victorious again at Paddle for Pink, 2014

"When you push off from the dock...we're all in the same boat. This isn't about cancer anymore. It's about exercise and health and the rest of your life. When we push off we're paddling away from breast cancer."
Dr. Don McKenzie Founder, Abreast in a Boat — world's 1st BCS dragon boat team
Dragon boating offers special benefits to Breast Cancer Survivors BCS: a way to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness after the rigors of cancer treatment; an opportunity to meet and bond with other survivors who are interested in fitness, fun, and racing.

Against the Wind wins the gold medal and keeps the pink paddle at Paddle for Pink, 2013
A chance to race with other breast cancer crews on a local, national, and international level. Armed with paddles, life vests, and a boat, we raise Breast Cancer awareness wherever we compete. We strive to be an example of thriving after breast cancer, to give hope and inspiration to women who are newly or yet-to-be diagnosed.

Carnation Ceremony
What makes Against the Wind (ATW) unique as a dragon boat crew? We're proud to say that, founded in 1991, we are the first BCS crew in Philadelphia. As ATW members, we paddle in an all breast cancer survivor crew and as PFP members, we are also all members of one of PFP's other competitve crews.
So, we have it both ways: sometimes, we wear our ATW hats and paddle pink; sometimes, we wear our PFP hats and paddle as Red or Orange. Either way, we have great fun in a great sport!
Some people win double the medals, paddling both for Against the Wind and Philadelphia Flying Phoenix

Against the Wind Paddling